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Station Profile

Frequency: 101.5
Format: The Best Current & Modern Rock Fused with a 90’s Core and More
Features: All the Best Rock Dished out by Jocks with a Cutting Edge, Relevant Sense of Humor who Relate to Today’s Rock Listener… LIVE. LOCAL. FUN.
Audience: WBHB is programmed for Men 18-49
Listeners: 39,800 Weekly (TSA 12+ Spring 14/Fall 13)
Power: 50,000 Watt FM signal with 24-Hours of music covering the 4 state area


The History of Bob

And on the Seventh Day, there was….BOB. 101.5 Bob Rocks was born a March 16th 2009. 101.5 Bob Rocks was born a March 16th 2009. It was brought to life by a bunch of people who saw a HUGE hole in the radio world in the Tri-state. Not to mention most of the radio people around are a bunch douchebags who thought the only rock that existed was overplayed 70s arena rock. Little did they know there was about 2 FREAKIN’ DECADES of music they either ignored or didn’t know existed!! Either way, we decided the Tri-state deserved more from their rock station than that. We thought it was ok NOT to be afraid of new music, and it was ok to have a little fun!