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10 Ways NOT to be an A$$hole at concert


While I was catching up on some reading on Loudwire about how Ghost wasn’t allowing cell phones at the concert in LA, it had an article below it with some concert etiquette that I thought I would share with you.

Here is what they said:

  • Don’t Hold Your Phone Up the Entire Show (amen)
  • Don’t Spill Your Drink on People (sometimes that is hard not to do)
  • Don’t Shout Through the Entire Show (yes, I paid to see the artist, not you)
  • Don’t Dance and Fall All Over Others (again, that is something that is hard not to do for me lol)
  • Don’t Squeeze to Get in Front of People Who Were There First (this one annoys the crap out of me)
  • Don’t Make Out the Whole Time (get a room, not concert tickets)
  • Leave the Oversized Hats for the Kentucky Derby (who is doing this?)
  • Don’t Start a Fight (duh)
  • Don’t Yell Obscenities at the Performer (again, why did you come?)
  • And For the Love of F–k, Don’t Throw Things at the Stage (this is just ridiculous) 


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