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Q&A of T&A

So, I have worked many events and festivals. I have seen a lot of things at these events, but I was not prepared at my last event. We were set up by the stage, so when I had to broadcast, you know talk on the radio, I would have to get into Bob Force One. Well, here I go and I’m live on location talking away on air and right went I cut off the mic, there is a knock at the window and I looked…what did I see…a full moon of Big Sexy Pink Biker Bob.  No lie. I am so glad my mic was turned off or who knows what might have come across the airwaves.  Now, I have known Big Sexy Pink Biker Bob for a lot years, so I wasn’t really surprised that he did, but I was in work mode and wasn’t prepared for it.

So, that took care of the A…ready for the T story.  So, then Big Sexy Pink Biker Bob’s lady friend, who clearly is just as wild and crazy as him and let me mention that this is the first time I have met her.  As I am doing my Facebook Live, I am flipping the camera from me to the event. Well, good thing I had flipped it at the end back to me or we would have gone to Facebook jail. I’m finishing up the video and as I look across there is the Ts in all their glory. But wait, there’s more.

Later,  while I was at the tent and she came back for Round 2. This time right up front and jumping around. I wasn’t the only who saw the show. Juice Bob was with me, 2 guys that were set up behind us, and Security.  This was all before 5 o’clock, so I can’t speak for anything else that might have popped up or out after I left, but thanks for an event I will never forget.  (I did give them t-shirts along with the two guys in the back that were witnesses. I felt like it was the right thing to do.)

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