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He must really love his job…


Kudos to Walter!

In my younger days, I would job hop from job to job. It wasn’t until I got to Bob Rocks when that finally stopped.  I came across and this story and thought it was amazing.  I have always wanted to break a World Record. Heck, even last year we tried to break the record of the longest line of shoes. Sadly we did not. But I know I can’t break this one, because I would have to live to 119 and the way things like to hit me in the head, I don’t see that happening.

Walter Orthmann from Brazil turned 100 years old this month and recently set a new world record for longest career at the same company. He’s worked at the same textile business for over 84 YEARS.  He started in the mailroom in 1938 at the age of 15  and now he’s sales manager. He still drives himself to work and doesn’t plan to retire.


It’s he the cutest! 


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