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I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I love music but being that I have zero musical abilities making music was not an option. Thankfully I stumbled upon radio.

A few things you should probably know about me: I love vodka and wine (sometimes in the same glass), I have my own bowling ball that smells like grapes, my car is my longest relationship and I'm terrified of mascots/clowns.
I am thrilled my radio career has brought me to the Tri-state and excited to join the Bob Rocks family. 

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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 18 2015 5:10PM
The "Washington Post" ranked all 50 states from Smartest to the not so smart. Massachusetts came in first place for the smartest state and Hawaii last. Honestly, I was a bit surprised to see Hawaii come in last. I mean, how can they really be in last when they are the only ones who have figured out how to live in the USA AND on a beautiful island!? Here's how the Four-State ranked:
  • Pennsylvania - #26
  • Maryland - #20
  • West Virgina - #44
  • Virginia - #13th

I'd just like to mention that my home state, Minnesota ranked second in smartest states! So you're welcome!

Click the picture to see the complete breakdown of all 50 states.
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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 16 2015 5:10PM
If you really want to breakup with your S/O and "ghosting" isn't working, you may want to check out this new company called The Breakup Shop. For the low fee of just $10 they will send a text to the person you no longer want in your life. Now, if texting isn't really your thing, they will send a letter for just $30 to ensure your relationship is over.

Now if this all sounds too steep for you, just call me, I've become a master are breaking people's hearts. You're welcome.
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 13 2015 3:40PM
Hahahaha! I'm fairly certain I tried to convince my parents it would be a good plan to sell my sister too. My life was so great when I was an only child, she had to come along and ruin it all! Of course, I love her now haha!

This is adorable! Older sister wants to sell her brother to a pet store and then buy him back when he goes on sale!
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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 12 2015 6:55PM
If you're anything like me, you spend your entire day wishing you could take a nap, but when you finally get in bed, you can't fall asleep. I love my "Rain Rain" app, I also have the "White Noise" app to fall asleep to. Both have timers, multiple sounds and you can even use them for your alarm clock to wake up!
I'm a big fan of the "no screen zone" rule in the bedroom. I've never been one to fall asleep to TV, I end up getting sucked into whatever is on and the light from the TV keeps me up.
I'm ALWAYS cold! It's impossible to fall asleep when your tired. I have a woobie (rice bag) that I just throw in the microwave for 2 minutes and take to bed with me. Not only does the heat help me relax, but it keeps me from focus on being freezing so I can fall asleep.
The biggest thing that keeps me up is my mind races. I've found if I get out of bed and write a to-do list or whatever is on my mind, it helps me feel less anxious about whatever it was and I can fall asleep.
Check out Buzzfeed's "10 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep"
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 11 2015 9:38AM
This is exactly why I find children to be highly entertaining! Before anyone gets all up in arms like "She should have just answered the question! Damn kids these days have no respect!" Remember, math these days is all about "critical thinking," so you can go ahead and thank the developers of common core math for these brilliant responses!

Click the picture for more details on this story.
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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 10 2015 6:33PM
Crayola has come out with adult coloring books called "Color Escapes" and I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about it! Apparently these coloring books relieve stress, are easy on your mind and easy to do. In my opinion, the most important thing to note here is that these "Color Escapes" are far cheaper than a therapist and more than likely, prettier. Well, I'm sold. Well played Crayola, well played.

Click the picture for more details.
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 9 2015 2:51PM
A mom in Texas says her 11-year-old daughter was kicked off her cheerleading squad for not straightening her hair. Makayla has been cheerleading since she was 4-years-old and her mother Jenny says this is the first time she's heard of a "special hairstyle." Jenny goes on to say "I felt like I might make my daughter feel like her hair is not good enough because she's not like other girls."

Kevin Tonner, the All-Star Cheer Director, argues the real reason Makayla was kicked off the squad had nothing to do with her hair and everything to do with her mother's attitude. Saying "When you come into the sport, you understand there is make up to it. There's hair to it. We were trying to make the exception. We were trying to find a compromise and a happy medium. And she wasn't willing to have a compromise. She was very defensive."

Jenny said she wasn't going to compromise her daughter's natural beauty and talent. So Makayla was off the team.

"It wasn't about hair. It was about we don't want this negativity on our team," Tonner said.

Click here for more on this story.
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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 5 2015 4:01PM
This video perfectly describes me, especially the nachos part. Speaking of nachos, they would be fabulous right now..
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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 4 2015 5:38PM
A recent survey conducted at Philadelphia's Einstein Medical Center suggests handing your phone or tablet to a child may not be a good idea. Saying "we simply don't know what the consequences are for (kids') early social development." The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a device with your child, setting time limits, and establishing tech-free zones. Click here for more on this story.
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 3 2015 3:52PM
A couple in California recently got engaged when Lucas Unger proposed to Carlee Leifkes on Halloween. But it's not the date that makes them newsworthy, it's the ring Lucas proposed with! Carlee posted a picture on Facebook and said "We have never been the 'traditional couple,' why the heck start now?"

Click the picture for more on this story.
+++Note: Just thought I'd throw this out for any **possible suitors, if "nontraditional" is what you're going for, I'd go for a ring pop long before a body part ring. #TheMoreYouKnow

**Possible - Because, let's be real, marriage isn't really my thing. Plus I doubt I'll trick someone into proposing to me! (For anyone ready to call one of those hotlines, that's sarcasm. My self-esteem is great.)
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