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I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I love music but being that I have zero musical abilities making music was not an option. Thankfully I stumbled upon radio.

A few things you should probably know about me: I love vodka and wine (sometimes in the same glass), I have my own bowling ball that smells like grapes, my car is my longest relationship and I'm terrified of mascots/clowns.
I am thrilled my radio career has brought me to the Tri-state and excited to join the Bob Rocks family. 

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by Breezy Bob posted Sep 16 2014 3:32PM
Let's be honest, the general population is too attached to their phones. I will admit it, I spend too much time checking my phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, texts and emails. I try and put the phone down when I get home from work, the keyword here is "try." TechCrunch has come out with a new app that tracks how many times you unlock your phone. The app is called "Checky" and as far as I can tell, it's only available for iPhone at this time. The creators claim the app promotes self awareness, it also encourages you to share your stats to Facebook and Twitter. Sharing the stats to social media seems a little counterproductive to me but perhaps making it public will help people? Will you be downloading the app?
Click the picture for more on "Checky."
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by Breezy Bob posted Sep 15 2014 1:07PM
First they brought us soda bottles with our names on it and now they're bring back Surge! Bring on the sugar high!
You can pick it up now on Amazon! Details here.
by Breezy Bob posted Sep 10 2014 1:02PM
by Breezy Bob posted Sep 2 2014 4:22PM
When Richard, a man from Scotland, turned 30 a few years back, his friends gave him a "Ginger Discount Card." They put is picture on the card and even laminated it. Richard decided he would try and use the card. He says "At first people are really confused but then think its so funny they give him a discount!" He's saved money on booze, taxis, food, club entries and more! Here's Richard holding his card.
I'm so jealous of this man! Do you think I could get away with a "Bimbo Discount Card?"
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