Breezy Bob

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I love music but being that I have zero musical abilities making music was not an option. Thankfully I stumbled upon radio.

A few things you should probably know about me: I love vodka and wine (sometimes in the same glass), I have my own bowling ball that smells like grapes, my car is my longest relationship and I'm terrified of mascots/clowns.
I am thrilled my radio career has brought me to the Tri-state and excited to join the Bob Rocks family. 

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by Breezy Bob posted Oct 30 2014 2:17PM
If you're struggling a bit with the whole "zombie" part of Zombie Prom, here is a nice tutorial to help you become the perfect kind of undead for Saturday night at the Break Away Ballroom for Zombie Prom 2014: Dawn of the Dead Celebrities.
by Breezy Bob posted Oct 22 2014 1:27PM
I kind of have the mindset of a child, this is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! I sort of want to make myself a costume like this for Halloween this year!
by Breezy Bob posted Oct 21 2014 1:16PM
I've been doing squats for just over 2 years and still don't have any junk in the trunk. #FlatButtProblems
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by Breezy Bob posted Oct 15 2014 12:03PM
A few things:
A. I now want a tiny owl
B. How come this owl can get a massage and I can't
C. This is just another reason I love animals more than people
by Breezy Bob posted Oct 14 2014 12:13PM
This will get stuck in your head! I dare you to play this when you order your next PSL!
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by Breezy Bob posted Oct 8 2014 1:43PM
Thank you Buzzfeed for this fantastic video! Maybe I only find this funny because I'm a girl..
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by Breezy Bob posted Oct 6 2014 11:48AM
I LOVED 'Breaking Bad'! Part of me was really excited for 'Better Call Saul', part of me was unsure. After seeing this music video, I think it will be fabulous!
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