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I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I love music but being that I have zero musical abilities making music was not an option. Thankfully I stumbled upon radio.

A few things you should probably know about me: I love vodka and wine (sometimes in the same glass), I have my own bowling ball that smells like grapes, my car is my longest relationship and I'm terrified of mascots/clowns.
I am thrilled my radio career has brought me to the Tri-state and excited to join the Bob Rocks family. 

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by Breezy Bob posted Nov 20 2014 2:40PM
I'm not going to lie, I find these far too entertaining! Slash, this totally ruined one of my favorite childhood movies.
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People : Slash
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 11 2014 11:44AM
Bette Midler and the gang are definitely in for Hocus Pocus 2! There is no production dates, directors, producers, funding or really anything but it's still fun to think about right! Watch the trailer and reminisce.
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People : Bette Midler
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 6 2014 5:07PM
Just when you thought 'Frozen' was over, it comes back to haunt us in the most hilarious way! Check out this parody of "Let It Go" for Movember!
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Topics : Human Interest
by Breezy Bob posted Nov 3 2014 2:35PM
A 26 year old Baltimore woman took an Uber home from a Halloween party and was charged $362. She claims she could no longer afford her $450 rent because her ride home was so expensive. She took to Gofundme.com to raise the money to pay for the bill. Some people are criticizing her for drinking too much and blacking out. Can I just point out AT LEAST SHE DIDN'T DRIVE! Click the picture for the whole story.
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Location : Baltimore
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