Your Mattress Will Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating!

The new Smarttress mattress will tell you if your partner is cheating on you! For the low price of $1,750 you can get your very own a Smarttress mattress. It works by using sensors in the springs, it also detects duration, impact and intensity using a built-in speedometer. If the bed is in use while you’re at work, it will send you a notification on your smartphone to let you know something suspicious is going on.

In my opinion, I can’t justify spending $1,750 on a mattress unless it’s going to promise to end my endless bouts of insomnia! Not to mention, if you were to purchase this Smarttress, wouldn’t your partner be aware of the fact that it sends notifications if the bed is in use when it should be? So wouldn’t they just do it on the floor, couch or in the shower? If you want to catch someone cheating, do it the old fashioned way, stalk their every move and go through their phone!