Win a new cell phone with service!!

Ok, the other day I was telling you about how you could steal another radio station's prizes…
I've recieved lots of calls and emails and rather than answer them individually I'll tell you here!!
Fisrt of all let me say that our sister station GETS EVERYTHING!!!  If we're lucky we get table scraps… 
They have some awesome cell phones WITH SERVICE they're giving away.  The issue is I don't think their listeners are "tech savy" enough to win them!!  SERIOUSLY!!

All you have to do is send a pic of your old or broken phone to BOOST@WAYZ.COM
Seriously THATS IT!!  But again, these are people who like country music… so they probably think a computer is the work of the devil!

So there you go, email BOOST@WAYZ.COM with a pic of your old or broken phone!
Make sure to include your:

Date of Birth


Oh… don't tell anyone!!