Those Stupid Sheep!

Let’s talk about the “sheep” doing that stupid #icebucketchallenge…
If you find yourself seeing all of these videos clogging up your stream, and getting angry about it… I get it!  If you refuse to be “guilted” into supporting a cause, I completely understand.  But before you paint with that rather large brush, remember this, you don’t know ME!!  And by “Me”, I mean most of the people who have done it.  Admittedly, I have done it.  Now before you start finger pointing let me give you a little background on how it came about…
I was seeing these in my feed as well.  I was a bit skeptical because it seemed a bit too “trendy”.  Upon looking into it I began to understand what it was all about.  I have head of Lou Gehrig’s disease and I’ve read of some people who have it.  (including one of the smartest men on the planet Stephen Hawking, and arguably one of the greatest rock guitarists that could have been Jason Becker) .  Now given my job title I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be “challenged”.  Just so you know, I knew I would make a donation BEFORE I was challenged and I also knew that if asked, I would do the challenge.  There was no guilt, and no pressure.  I AM NO SHEEP!!  And I think the same can be said for most people who have done it.  It’s  a horrible disease and a good cause to get behind.  Now I also support other charities including The MS Society, the fight against Scleroderma, some Children’s charities among others.  I think most people who have done this challenge probably also support others.  But even if they don’t, I don’t think a moments silliness to raise awareness and money is such a bad thing.
Is it silly/stupid? …YES
Is it “trendy”? …YES
Do some people do it out of
narcissism?  …YES
In the end, isn’t the result what matters?   … YES!! (at the time I’m writing this the A.L.S.A. has raised over $40 million because of the challenge) you can’t argue with results.
No one says you HAVE to donate.  Let’s face it, lots of us are struggling as it is, and not a lot of us have disposable money.  Or maybe it's just a cause you don't want to get behind for any reason, that's ok too!  But to call out people who have as having some kind of mass disorder is WRONG!
Most of us know someone who is suffering from some illness, disease or affliction that has no cure… Would you rather:
A.  Be ok with millions of strangers doing something silly to get the cure? 
B. Find no cure and have your loved ones suffer?
Ok, now if you still think that it’s not worth it, are you willing to call everyone who has donated or  participated in a charity event including Cancer Walks/Runs,  Toy Drives, Concerts, Motorcycle Rides, Car Washes, Bakes Sales all sheep?
If so, consider yourself lucky not to know anyone with any of these horrible diseases!
End Rant!