NC School District Is Trying To Ban Skinny Jeans!

The New Hanover County School district obviously cares about fashion, which is why they are trying to ban leggings and skinny jeans from their dress policy. Evidently the district had an open dialogue back in April with parents and students about the possible new dress code, yet were still shocked when the New Hanover County School District released their new policy that stated “excessively tight fitting pants such as skinny jeans and leggings should face scrutiny.”

The district tweeted out their new policy and immediately students and parents responded! Click here to see the feed.

The District claims the ban doesn’t specifically target females, as males wear skinny jeans too but after Jeannette Nichols, New Hanover County School Board Vice Chair, made this statement to a local news outlet, “One of the reasons behind the policy change was that some of the ‘bigger girls’ were getting bullied because of their tight jeans.” It’s hard to believe they were thinking of the entire student body. 

As many students/parents have said, I cannot help but feel like there are so many more pressing issues the district should be worrying about. Like, making sure kids are getting the education they need, help if they’re struggling and the safety of our children.