My Thoughts on CM Punk

CM Punk
I see a lot of people taking delight in CM Punk being defeated soundly on Saturday night. Most of whom I would guess are MMA or MA purists. I get it… you don’t want some outsider getting an easier path, or finding a back door to get in where others have been laboring for years. But check this out…
Whether he asked or it was offered to him, he was afforded an opportunity. Can you HONESTLY say you wouldn’t have taken it?
Trust me, this is something I’m familiar with. I’ve experienced a little backlash because a band I played in was afforded some opportunities that we may or may not have gotten because of my position. I’ve also been told that playing music isn’t even a good idea because of my age, because it’s too late for me to “make anything out of it” or just that it’s a waste of time.
Sorry, but there’s is something inside of me that says, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’ll be DAMNED if anyone is gonna try and stop me. Even if I do take a “beating” (proverbially speaking) from critics, or whoever, I’m gonna be the one who ultimately decides when I’m done, and as far as I’m concerned when it comes to music, the answer is NEVER. I would imagine you feel the same about whatever is inside of you to do.
So I would ask, what would YOU have done? Remember lots of fighters who have been knocked out have come back to win championships; Just as the Beatles were turned away by lots of record companies.
He may never become champion, and may not even ever win a single match. NOT THE POINT!!
I don’t know CM Punk, never met him, and can’t say I’d ever seen him in the WWE. But, he’s doing what’s inside of him to do.
I’ll respect that!