May 2015 – Kelly S.

Bob’s Homegrown Hotties
May 2015
Kelly S.

Q. Favorite Band Heard on 101.5 Bob Rocks /Favorite Song:
A. Avenged Sevenfold

Q. What Do You Hope To Accomplish In Life:
A. I am currently in nursing school, working to become an RN, and hope to get a job working in the operating room.

Q. Qualities You look For In A Guy:
A. Has to be good looking, intelligent, sense of humor, be stable, and not be a jerk. I’m married so I guess I found a guy who meets all that criteria!

Q. Favorite Area Hangout:
A. Shippensburg

Q. If A Guy Does This, He Has No Chance With You:
A. If he LIES! No bad hygiene/bad teeth, that’s very important.