Just Bob (Because all the cool names are taken)


I was the last surviving son of the planet Krypton. My father, the eminent scientist, Jor-El, loaded me into a rocket along with 300 cans of Enfamil and blasted me off to the planet Earth, where my capsule landed in the Delaware River about 3 miles downstream of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. I was taken in by a family of human beings. They puzzled over what to call me. “Hmmm,” said one. “What should we call him? All the cool names are taken.” “Ah,” replied another. “Call him Just Bob. We’ll think of something better later.” But they never did. I grew up listening to rock radio and though, “I have found my calling. I will bring rock to the masses and enlighten them. To the title and artist of the songs, that is. I’ll tell them that.” In the process I learned much about the world, including the proper pronunciation of “Cavo”.

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