Ever Buy Tickets Through Ticketmaster? You May Have Free Ticket Vouchers!

Thanks to a class-action lawsuit first filed 13 years ago, you may have free tickets from Ticketmaster! If you purchased tickets through Ticketmaster between October 1999 and February 2013 and paid an “Order Processing Fee” that was never refunded, the company plans on sending out free ticket vouchers “on or around June 18th.”

To find out if/how many free vouchers you have, log into your Ticketmaster account, go to the link that says “Active Vouchers.” If you have vouchers, they will appears as codes, each code is good for a pair of tickets. However, tickets will only be good at Live Nation venues (Ticketmaster’s parent company) and they are determining which events the vouchers will be good for. In other words, there is a chance your vouchers wont be valid for that event you REALLY wanted to go to. Click here for more details on the Ticketmaster class-action settlement.

Now, if I could just remember my login information for my stupid Ticketmaster account! The struggle…