Equality For Men!!!

How about a little equality for MEN??!!
Ok, before everyone loses their mind, let me explain…
Recently I took a road trip with the boys from MD/PA to visit mom in IL. Along our trip we had to make some bathroom stops. During these stops I also took the time to change Alejandro's diaper. You'd be AMAZED how many men's bathrooms DO NOT have a changing station!! Or if they did, they were out of service/broke, or one of the stops had one set up that folds out RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SINKS!! Making it completely impossible for anyone to wash their hands! SERIOUSLY!!
Last week the boys had some appointments there wasn't a changing station (in the mens room) AT A DENTIST OFFICE!! … A HEALTH FACILITY!! So, I have to change his diaper on the floor. C'mon!! How about I just change him on the counter? Maybe THAT will get your attention!!
Wasn't there some kind of law or something passed to get changing stations in public bathrooms?? Can we get them in Men's batrooms too?