Edible Six-Pack Rings By Saltwater Brewery!

As I’m sure you know, I love my beer! I also love animals, sometimes more than people! Saltwater Brewery is a brewing company out of Delray, Florida and they’ve come up with an INCREDIBLE product to replace those plastic six-pack rings you find on your beer/soda packs.

Marine animals get trapped in those plastic rings, cutting them isn’t enough. Fish, birds and turtles still ingest the plastic and die.


Saltwater Brewery was created a 100% biodegradable and compostable six-pack rings. The rings are made from beer by-products during the brewing processes, such as barley and wheat, which makes them completely safe for both animals and humans to eat! Unfortunately, there is one downside to these new six-pack rings, they are more expensive to make. Saltwater Brewery is hoping their customers will pay a little more for the animals and environment.

“We hope to influence the big guys,” Chris Goves, Saltwater Brewery’s president, said. “And hopefully inspire them to get on board,”

I, for one, am all about this! I have NO problem playing a little more for something that will help the environment and save animals lives!