-Debate Recap

If Trump stood at the podium taking big spoonfuls of spaghetti-o’s and spitting them at Lester Holt, his supporters would be justifying it claiming “He’s spitting what all Americans want to spit! He’s just showing how he doesn’t follow rules and that’s why he should be president”!! And if Clinton’s head spun around like the little Regan in “The Exorcist” her supporters would be claiming how she’s “Evil for America and that’s why she should be president”! According to social media whoever you support won.
A couple of things I noticed were:
HIllary wore red, the RNC color, Trump wore a blue tie, the DNC color.
Hillary looked stiff, especially when she walked, like a bad case of sciatica. (and that’s not fun!)
Trump had the sniffles, or he buried his face in a pile of yayo before the debate.
Lester Holt was on point. Anyone making claims about his moderation or that he was picking sides is too dumb to vote anyway. I only wish he had a firehose that he could use when the candidates didn’t answer the question!