Band Wars 2014!! (actually, not really…but…)

Last year we put together “Band Wars” which put 5 bands through 6 weeks of challenges to be creative.  And all the bands TOTALLY delivered!!   This year, I want to do something again to challenge bands and players, plus have fun as well, SO, this is my new band “challenge”!!
We can call it “Supergroup”… or maybe “Side Project”… but for the time being, I’m gonna call it
“The 101.5 Bob Rocks Band Scramble”!!
I need 5 bands willing to participate for 6 weeks!
We will take all of the musicians and divide them by their instrument. (ie, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc) and put the names in separate “buckets”
We will mix blend and stir the names
One by one will will “build” new bands
(pick a drummer from all the drummers, pick a vocalist from all of the vocalists, etc)
Each band will then have 5 weeks to rehearse a set of their choosing. They must play AT LEAST 5 songs with AT LEAST 2 Originals!!
There will be a show at the end of the contest and all the bands will play.  And a band of judges as well as the crowd will decide who wins!
Are you in?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!!