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When You’re Done Chatting

Today’s Question of the Day:

There’s definitely an art to bringing a conversation to an end tactfully. I was listening to George Carlin’s album It’s Bad For Ya, and in it he talks about boring people who accost you with unwanted conversation. He goes on to suggest a number of comical ways to extricate yourself from such a situation. But it got me thinking: what do you do when you’re in that position for real? Personally I try to be gentle about it; after all there’s no sense in burning a bridge if you can avoid it. But as you know, some people are immune to taking hints, so you might have to be slightly more blunt. In that instance, take it over the line: “Gotta go, my hemorrhoids are acting up and I left my tube of Prep H at the house.” Put it this way, that one has never failed to work for me.

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