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So I mentioned this morning that I broke my toe yesterday. It was a stupid accident, in many ways typical of me. I was walking to my kitchen in the dark and smashed my pinkie toe on the foot of my couch. I didn’t think much of it at the time; I mean, it hurt, but not that bad. I walked around with it all day, and again, it was a little tender, but not too bad. I’ve fractured other bones, fingers, my ankle in particular, and it was a lot worse. My ankle was screaming agony for literally months. But the toe hurt but it was bearable. Later on, back at home, I removed my shoes, pulled off my left sock and

What the what?!!

My toe was purple and swelled up like a sausage link.

looks kinda like an eggplant emoji

It’s so weird. I’ve bumped my toes into every wall, corner, and piece of furniture in my home, sometimes way harder than this, with no real injury. This time I bump it, and lo and behold. I must have just hit it exactly the right way. It’s whatever though. I can still walk on it just fine, it only hurts when I step a certain way.

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