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RIP Bob Saget

65, he was only 65! I just couldn’t believe it when I heard the news last night that Bob Saget was gone.  I had reached out to him years ago because I knew he supported Scleroderma Research and was hoping he could donate items for an auction we were doing for Tori Anderson (a jock on our sister station battling this horrible disease). With no hesitation, he sent autograph items and gave us tickets for his show. He took time afterwards to meet Tori and talk to her about her journey and even offered contacts to help her. Such a kind man!  I had asked for a picture and he grabbed my phone and said Selfie! You can tell be the look on my face I was excited and shocked that he grabbed my phone and took the picture himself. He was the American Dad, his comedy was so funny and perverted, nothing like the Danny Tanner he played on tv, and contributed so much to charities. #RipBobSaget

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