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We bring our style of metal to the masses. This is no filler, all killer music. Our sound is loud, powerful, and melodic. Our style is a conglomerate of musical influences, that emerges onto our songs , our persona on and off the stage brings everyone into the party. Our songs are home grown from seeds of metal. Our band motto is ” Forged by Adversity; Sharpened by Hate”

Fuel: has been playing music since his early teens. He started as a bassists playing for such bands as Dethloid Sativa, Metal Cowboys, Leverage, Y5 (Yellow #5), and Zero Frequency. Fuel decided to put his awesomeness to the test by picking up the guitar and quickly figured out how to violently wring the sounds he wanted from its electronic guts and put those to use in Sux2BU and now with BRB. But his iron-fisted metal style of guitar torture perfectly compliments the raw, gritty vocals he brings to the band – reminiscent of some of the best metal vocalists out there. A sonic blend that will blow your fucking mind and knock you on your ass.

MudDog: has also been playing music from his early teens. He started as a guitarist playing in such bands as The Clap, Psychic Opera, and R.I.P. (Rot Infested Plaything). In his early 20’s he switched to bass where he played for such bands as The Krypt, Torture, Deadbyday, and Sux2BU.

Shab Daddy: is a retired marine who has been beating on things most of his life. From enemy combatants, to vehicles and tanks, to the dead skin stretched taut across his drums, he puts his brutal, concussive power to work for Black River Bloodbath. Al has been in such bands as Play Dead and other various short term endeavors.

Black River Bloodbath will always bring the THUNDER, and with it, its osmium-weight metal barrage.