A Fisherman Who Found a Pearl Worth $100 Million Has Kept It Under His Bed For a Decade








A fisherman from a city called Puerto Princesa in the Philippines was working 10 years ago when he spotted a huge pearl inside of a giant clam.  He took it home to his little wooden shack and put it under his bed for good luck.

And he’s kept it there for the past 10 years.  But there was a FIRE at his place earlier this year, and when he had to move, he decided maybe he should see if it was worth anything.  And . . . um . . . yeah, it was.

The pearl is 77 pounds.  It’s 26 inches long and 12 inches wide.  Both of those measurements make it the biggest pearl in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD by a massive margin.

And it’s worth approximately $100 MILLION.  (How many of his neighbors are going, “Man, we really should’ve robbed THAT guy” right now?)

The current world record for the biggest pearl is the Pearl of Allah, which was also found off the coast of the Philippines.  It’s “only” 14 pounds and it’s less than 10 inches long.

The new pearl is being authenticated now.