Relationship Milestones









I’m not in any position to take the moral high ground here, but there’s a new survey on when people hit different milestones in their relationships. And the FIRST one is sex.  Being patient is officially dead.

Here’s when the average person hits major moments in a new relationship . . .

  1. You have sex after five dates.


  1. Talk about politics and religion after five weeks.


  1. Use the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” at eight weeks.


  1. Bring up your ex two months and three days into the relationship.


  1. Talk about your feelings on kids at three-and-a-half months.


  1. Wear unattractive underwear . . . three months and 24 days.


  1. Introduce them to your family . . . four months.


  1. Pass gas in front of them . . . five months and 21 days.


  1. Find out about their credit score . . . five months and 22 days.


10.  Start considering getting engaged . . . 23 months.