If Your Breasts Were Filled With Water, How Many Pancakes Could They Make?

A Japanese bra company just released an infographic about a topic that, literally, NO ONE has ever wondered about.

They asked:  If you had the weight of your breasts in water, and you took that water and used it to make pancakes with some pancake mix, how many could you make?  And here are the results . . .




  1. A-cups weigh 0.52 pounds, enough water to make 11 pancakes.


  1. B-cups weigh one pound, enough for 15 pancakes.


  1. C-cups weigh 1.2 pounds, enough for 18 pancakes.


  1. D-cups weigh 1.7 pounds, enough for 25 pancakes.


  1. E-cups weigh 2.2 pounds, enough for 34 pancakes.


  1. And F-cups weigh 2.6 pounds, enough for 39 pancakes.