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I was born very young and small in the hills of southern West Virginia. As a child I had a Mr. Microphone, and used to talk up songs on the radio like I was a DJ. Even at four years old, I knew this would be my only chance at getting any lady action as an adult. A lot of stuff happened between then and now. Those events are as follows: Wrecked my bike and cracked my skull, got a cat, Atari, elementary school, cat died, Nintendo, new cat, Disney world, bad sunburn, middle school, cat died, fell off bike again, this time balls turn purple, high school, first car, girls, wreck some cars..ouch, see Grateful Dead (discover many new things), find greatest cat ever, get arrested for being stupid (thanks for bail and Waffle House Mom), college (didn’t make it to the end), 28 different jobs, hundreds of concerts, millions of beers, win first radio job in a game of pool (no joke), hang out in Canada and Mexico, lots of girls, best cat ever dies, we start Bob Rocks, I get a big TV…..That’s about it, my life in a paragraph.

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Best Selfie Ever!

This MIGHT just be the craziest selfie anyone’s ever taken, and that’s not an exaggeration. A man named Seif Eldin Mustafa hijacked an EgyptAir flight from Alexandria to Cairo yesterday morning because he wanted to see his

Its Almost Time!

First came Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis,” then there was Orson Wells’s “Citizen Cane.” In 1974 we were blessed by Mel Brook’s “Blazing Saddles,” but now, now we celebrate and get ready for the best movie since “Pulp Fiction.”

I hate stupid!!!!!

This is the single stupidest news report of all time!!!!!!!! These idiots think people aren't attending the Superbowl because we have better TVs. Attendance has been on the decline since the game was held in Dallas. Guess


Boobs Rock BCA-CV Check Presentation HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise $7,749.50 for Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley! We couldn't do it without you, our incredible listeners, and our sponsors, Del Martin Screen Printing, Franklin


So, I've basically given up on stick figure families. I have accepted that they are here to stay regardless of how stupid they look (they were cute before EVERYBODY had them). I have also given in to

Only At WalMart

A woman in Michigan shoplifted $600 from a Walmart earlier this week and actually might've gotten away with it . . . if she wasn't SO DAMN LAZY.   46-year-old Shirley Mason of Fruitport Township, Michigan filled

Justice Served!!

There's a mugshot going around that shows what happens when a dad catches someone molesting his kid.  It should be a warning to pedophiles AND an instruction manual for anyone who catches one.   A dad in

Just a small rant…

Attention California, you are a stupid place filled with even weirder people. You whine about the environment like little bitches, then park your Prius next to your 500hp SUV and scream from the highest smog covered mountain

Who's making the $$$

"Billboard" has released their annual "Music Moneymakers" list, which ranks the 40 artists who raked in the most money last year.   The final estimates include album sales, digital music sales, streaming video and music, ringtones, publishing

Great Story

Crimes are always so much more fascinating when they're committed by NAKED WOMEN.  I could watch naked women commit crimes all day.    On Sunday, around 7:00 A.M., 26-year-old Brenda Diaz of Holyoke, Massachusetts had her 8-