So, I've basically given up on stick figure families. I have accepted that they are here to stay regardless of how stupid they look (they were cute before EVERYBODY had them). I have also given in to the fact that many peoplemust inform me, via their back window, of the places they have traveled. OBX, VB, MB, DB, etc. I'm so happy you have been to a place millions visit annually, really, I am. Thanks for keeping me in the loop about your regional travels. That being said, I am starting to see a new awful sticker that had me totally confused, 13.1??? What the Hell did it mean? I was stumped as I sat in traffic trying to figure it out. I finaly had to Google it. That's when I was informed by the almighty wisdom of Google that this person was telling me through the magic of the back window of their minivan that they had run a half-marathon. Not a whole one, mind you, a half one. I'm no runner, I admit that, but if I were I think I would wait until I did the big daddy to put it in sticker form. That being said, if you see a red Lexus with a white oval sticker containing a 13.1 MC in the middle, that is my car. You will know that I have completed 13.1 hours on my couch!!!

Big Bob