Hey news folk…where's ebola??????

Where did ebola go???

I was surfing the major news sites this morning and noticed something interesting. All of them are missing ebola from their front page headlines. For the past month I have looked at these same sites and ebola was the HUGE story in HUGE print with HUGE pictures. Some now have a little ebola tab you can click, but when you do you find stories of the American ebola patients being cured. The Spanish nurse is cured, The freelance camera man is cured, the hospital in Dallas admitted they screwed up bad, and the famous Texas nurse is recovering and doing quite well. Where are all of the new patients that were supposed to be spreading this virus like a California wild fire? Did our first world well equiped hospitals actually do what I have been saying they would do all along…stop the spread of this virus? Why are all of the major news outlets suddenly distancing themselves from this story? The answer to that question is easy. People being cured, getting better, and this virus not spreading makes for crappy headlines. It's not scary, and as I said before, only scary gets you on the front page.