Jonathan Davis of Korn Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Illuminati??

Most people probably wouldn’t associate Miley Cyrus with high-level politics—but most people aren’t Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, who thinks of exactly that whenever he hears the Hannah Montana star’s name

Earlier this year, Davis appeared on the Alex Jones Show to accuse none other than Barack Obama of using Miley as a puppet to distract Americans from what’s really going on in the world. According to the “Twisted Transistor” singer, whenever the President wants to enact some particularly controversial legislation, he manipulates the media to focus on Cyrus’s outrageous antics instead.

As evidence, Davis pointed to the fact that Miley’s celebrated appearance at the VMAs coincided with a new law allowing American citizens to be imprisoned without being formally charged with an offense. Admittedly, Davis has never been a fan of Obama, calling him an Illuminati puppet at a concert in 2011.