Only At WalMart

A woman in Michigan shoplifted $600 from a Walmart earlier this week and actually might've gotten away with it . . . if she wasn't SO DAMN LAZY.
46-year-old Shirley Mason of Fruitport Township, Michigan filled up six plastic grocery bags with clothes at a Walmart and managed to get out of the store undetected.  Then she called some people trying to get a ride, but no one could come.
Shirley didn't feel like walking.  That's not us speculating . . . she literally wound up telling the cops later, quote, "I didn't feel like walking."
So . . . she hopped on one of the Walmart's motorized wheelchairs and TOOK OFF.
Another customer spotted her slowly rolling out of the parking lot in the wheelchair and called the cops.  By the time they tracked Shirley down, she'd made it TWO MILES.
She was arrested for stealing the $600 worth of clothes . . . and the $1,200 wheelchair.

Here's her beautiful mugshot….