Rant Time!!!!

I talked about this for a few minutes on the air this morning, but was still so pissed off at the general decline of common sense displayed by humanity that I had to write something. 

I was watching the D.C. news this morning, as I always do at 5am before work, and was truly shocked at a story they presented. They were praising a woman who invented a car seat for children with an alarm attached that would send a signal to your key chain if you "accidentally" left your child in a hot car. They talked about how many lives it could save, and what a brilliant invention it was. I about spit out my breakfast vodka in disgust that this was even a story. Do you honestly mean to tell me that we need inventions to prevent extreme child neglect and stupidity? What the hell has happened to this world when rather than get to the root of the problem we invent a safety net for the morons. I'm so sick of stupid I want to literally puke! Here's an idea, embrace the very fundamentals of parenting so that leaving your baby in a hot car is not an issue. I'll bet your stupid ass remembered your IPhone you slack jawed freak! 

When we stop accepting stupid as the norm, we will begin to see progress in society. This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats, Obama, or Congress. It has to do with a caviler attitude toward people generally accepting stupidity. I doubt it will ever change, but if it did, what a utopia we could enjoy. 

End of rant….Big Bob