How is this possible???

Randall Streeter of Greenville, North Carolina might have the world's deepest belly button.
He was pulled over by a drug task force on May 29th, and when they searched him, they found 40 BAGS of heroin, crack cocaine, and Percocet pills . . . hidden in his BELLY BUTTON.
Now, they weren't huge bags of heroin, but still.  How many small bags of heroin could YOU fit in your belly button?  Maybe three or four?
As you might imagine, Randall is a man of rather generous proportions . . . he's 5-foot-5, 315 pounds.  That probably contributed to his haul . . . we assume there was some overflow in his belly button that spilled out into his primary belly roll.
He's facing several heroin trafficking charges and is locked up with a $1 million bond.