Does Drinking Make You Funnier? No . . . It Actually Makes You Less Funny

Think back to the last time you had six or seven drinks with your friends.  You were HILARIOUS, right?  Well, yes and no . . . but mostly no.
Two psychologists just released a study that found people think they're INCREDIBLY funny when they're drunk . . . but OTHER people don't see it that way.
In fact, for every drink you have, YOU think you're getting funnier . . . while your sober friends think you're getting LESS funny.
Your drunk friends MAY find you funny as you drink, but they don't really care . . . they're too focused on how funny THEY'RE being to really pay attention. 
Sure, YOU genuinely believed you were hilarious.  So, in a way, yes . . . you were hilarious.  But no one else agreed.