How Long Will You Live?

No one knows exactly when they're going to go.  But scientists recently came up with six random things that can predict your longevity . . .
1.  Your speed at pressing buttons.  Slow reaction time has been linked to premature death in a bunch of studies.  Being slow even gives you a higher chance for early death than if you have cardiovascular disease. 
2.  If you were a hard-working, obsessive cheapskate when you were young.  Having that kind of personality is good for you in the long term because it creates healthy habits.  Being a bit of a worrier is also beneficial.
3.  You have a four year degree.  This could add a decade to your life span, and a little more if you're a woman.  Not surprisingly, people who never graduated from high school have way lower life expectancies than other people.
4.  You floss and brush your teeth DAILY.  Basic dental care adds years to your lifespan.  People who don't floss every day have a 30% higher chance of dying early.
5.  You walk really fast.  People who walk fast tend to live longer.  Your pace needs to be about 2.25 miles per hour to make a difference.
6.  You can get up off the floor easily.  If you CAN'T get up off the floor into a standing position without tipping over, or needing something to help you balance, then you're a lot more likely to die early.