Should men foot the bill?

According to a new study, men still overwhelmingly pay for women on almost all dates.  It's a good thing the wage gap guarantees men still make more money then, AM I RIGHT?
 The study of 17,000 people found 84% of men say they pay the entire bill on the first date, and ALSO pay the entire bill on several dates after that.
 And women are cool with that.  39% say that when they make the requisite offer to split the bill on a date, they're secretly RELIEVED when the guy says no.
44% of women also say they would have trouble dating someone who took them up on an offer to pay for a date.
 So when do you transition from the man paying into the two of you always splitting the bill or taking turns paying?  74% of men and 83% of women say that by six months they're sharing the cost.