This will change the world

We've gotten so used to ignoring those Redbox kiosks in stores . . . here's a kiosk that NEEDS attention.
The world's first BURRITO VENDING MACHINE is here.  It's at a Mobil gas station in Los Angeles . . . West Hollywood, to be specific.  And it's called the Burritobox.
The burritos cost $3, and you pick from several types . . . like egg and cheese, bean, and chicken . . . then add sides like sour cream or guacamole.  Then the box makes it for you in a few minutes.
It looks like the burritos are basically frozen burritos like you'd buy at a gas station . . . it's not like there's a dwarf or robot inside making burritos or something . . . but the ingredients are supposedly higher quality.  Plus, hey, you don't have to heat them up yourself.
The company behind Burritobox says they'll be putting a second one up at another gas station in Los Angeles in a few weeks.  There's no word on when they could expand nationwide.
According to the owner of the Mobil station, who let Burritobox put their machine up two weeks ago, the box hasn't been a massive hit so far but, quote, "quite a few people use it."