The McDonalds Diet

If you're one of the many, MANY people who made a New Year's resolution to drop some weight . . . then get to McDonald's ASAP.
 John Cisna of Ankeny, Iowa is a science teacher at Colo-Nesco High School in Colo, Iowa.  And three months ago, he thought it would be an interesting experiment for his class to see if he could lose weight by eating JUST McDonald's.
So he and his class analyzed the nutritional info, and put together some options for him to eat at McDonald's for three meals a day.  But unlike the movie "Super Size Me", John would keep it to just 2,000 calories a day.
His typical breakfast was two egg white McMuffins and maple oatmeal . . . for lunch he'd have one of the McDonald's salads . . . and for dinner he'd have a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder value meal with fries and ice cream.
The result:  John lost 37 POUNDS in 90 days.  His cholesterol also dropped from 249 to 170.  There's no word on how much he weighed before he started, but from the photos he shared, it looks like he was at least 200 pounds when he started.