A rant from Big Bob

A word from BigBob regarding health care:

As many of you know, I have been sick for over a week now. I'm not going to get into exactly what's wrong, but lets just say it has been incredibly annoying and I'm ready for it to be over. 

My question is, why can't all doctors be named Dre, and just prescribe 40 oz bottles of Old English 800 or St. Ides malt liquor to treat what ails you. When was the last time you saw a sick gangsta rapper (unless he had AIDS or was all shot up from a rival rappers gat?) Never, they pound em down and lay sick rhymes. This is not the case with your non-Dre doctors. They just throw every pill at you without concern and head on over to the next schmuck with insurance they spend half of their paycheck for. 

If you don't listen to anything I ever say, listen to this. Screw global warming, the Earth may kill all of us (and lets face it, we probably deserve it), we will never have a non-corrupt shit ass government because the people that have to vote for campaign finance reform are the same fuc*sticks that reap the benefits of all the Super PACS and big industry money. Let me ask you, when was the last time someone legally gave you a truck full of cash and you said "No, Thank you?" Never!!!!!!!!! That's when, Never!!!!!! How about war? That's on all of our minds when we go to the polls, right? We'll, everybody hated the Republican for dragging us off to war for no reason, or on bad intelligence (which we will never be sure of since I'm pretty sure none of us were privy to the discussions taking place 10 stories underground the White House when we invaded Iraq.). Now the same thing is happening on the other side with the Democrat doing the same damn thing. The cement skull headed Tea Partiers are screaming at O'Bama for doing the EXACT thing Bush did, only it was ok then because he wasn't a democrat (a black one at that). Can you not see, they are all just listening to a bunch of yes men, and doing what they think is best. I don't hate Bush or O'bama. That is simplistic child-like thinking. Drive down North Capitol St. or K Street or N Street in Washington. You will find building after building filled with people pulling the strings, and it's been like this since Presidents put down their muskets and stopped fighting and started delegating. 

All this is leading to a point, so here ya go. The only thing this country does not have is proper health care. The most powerful and prosperous nation on earth makes WalMart tax exempt while a hard working family spends up to 40% on their healthcare so if little Aiden gets the chicken pox dad doesn't have to go sell sperm to pay for it. Sweeden, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and most other "first world" nations not only take care of health care, but when a mother is having a baby, she gets up to a year off paid to keep from having to crawl back to work and throw him straight to day care to be raised by someone who most likely isn't a sex offender. What a system! Uneducated people love to throw the word socialism around like it is a bad word. I have news for you, the police departments are socialist, the fire departments are socialist, The Department of Public Works are socialism, and so are a host of other things we all enjoy on a daily basis (although we don't all enjoy the police). Here is the definition of socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Notice it says community, not big stone buildings in Washington. I'm not saying I want the government running our lives, they are idiots. I'm just saying that the current system is screwed, and if you get cancer or have a stroke or two, you'll see just how great our system is. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING! Either be rich, or screwed, there is no in between…period. When I vote, I don't want this stupid ass O'bamacare, I want a nation that will take care of a man when he has a heart attack with half the compassion of how a cop will take care of you if you are shot. Put you opinions aside for a sec and really think about it that way.