Football Predictions

Week 1 has almost passed and I totally forgot to make my annual predictions for who I think will be in the postseason. I am never right, but it's fun to give a try regardless and see how well I have done at the end of the season. I'll pick each division winner, wild card, and a Superbowl pic. Feel free to throw your own up. Here we go…

NFC East…Washington (This one is a coin toss)

NFC North…Detroit (The most improved team in the NFL)

NFC South…Atlanta (Don't see the Saints getting it done)

NFC West…San Francisco (No brainer)

AFC East…The Patriots (Don't they always win??)

AFC North…Baltimore (Not gonna do what they did last year though)

AFC South…Colts (I'm feeling Lucky, pardon the pun)

AFC West…Denver (This is the only one I am positive about) 

NFC Wild Card…Seattle and Green Bay

AFC Wild Card…NY Jets and Houston

Superbowl…Denver beats San Francisco