A word from Big Bob regarding movies.

In this day and age, it seems like technology has taken the fun out of movies. It used to be as simple as walking in the theater with little clue about what you were about to see. The only noise was the crunching of popcorn and the occasional asshole that would talk during the flick. Movies didn't need a hundred million dollar special effects budget to impress us. Indiana Jones, The Karate Kid, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and everything John Cusack was ever in, entertained us and taught us life lessons. We walked out of the theater actually surprised at the ending, not having read it on Facebook. This has now all gone to hell in a handbasket. Now days, you read a thousand reviews, people spoil the ending on the internet, special effects drown out the art that used to be film making. Hell, once you're in the theater you have a gaggle of stupid teenage girls texting each other, and you want to smash their skulls in with a brick, but the thought of jail time keeps you from exiting the theater and finding said brick. Please, I beg of you Hollywood, bring back the old school way of doing things. I beg of you internet to shut your big fat world wide trap about how bad you thought the movie sucked. Last of all, I beg of you stupid teenage girls on cell phones, please stop…one day I am gonna lose my sh*t and go get that brick. 

Big Bob